SpamTitan Guide

1. Daily digest email

You will receive a quarantine digest email each day that show you any emails that have been quarantined by the spam filter.

You can manage the emails in your quarantine and the settings for the digest emails directly from your daily email.

Daily digest email

2. SpamTitan Portal Login

To view your quarantine, and mange your block and allow lists, the you need to log in to the portal.

3. Login using your email and password

If you have not logged in before, then use the "Forgot your password?" link to get your password. You can then change this once logged in.

Login using your email and password

4. Quarantine Tab

This will show you all emails in your quarantine. You can click an email to see the full details. And take action on the email.


Allow (Release & Whitelist)


Quarantine Tab

5. Filter Rules Tab

This is where you can manage your block and allow lists.

Filter Rules Tab

6. Block a domain

To block a domain, click add under blocked domains. Enter the domain and click save.

Block a domain

7. Block an email address

Click add under blocked email addresses. Enter the email address and click save.

Block an email address

8. Allow lists

Here you can white list domains and emails addresses using the same method as the block list.

Allow lists

9. Geoblocking

This allows you to enable Geoblocking so you can block emails for specific countries.


10. Settings Tab

Here you can change your password and enable two factor authentication.

Settings Tab