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Ongoing Support & Creativity

Our Business Model

The Concept

How it works

We understand the reality of running a business and there are two key factors which have lead us to the model we’ve created over the last decade.

First is affordability; we know that finding several thousand pounds for a new website can be extremely difficult to justify. We look at our competition and often pale at some of the extortionate quotations they hand out for some relatively simple work. So we decided to approach it quite differently to the rest, we give our clients everything they need from hosting to design, content updates to security, all for a simple, affordable, fixed monthly fee.

The second reason for adopting this method is that we have come to realise that our clients need much more than a website. We provide ongoing support and creativity, managing all technical aspects such as hosting and site security, we continually redesign and update content for websites, our graphic design helps our clients to market their business, the list goes on.

What we do

Weekly Breakdown

Hosting & Security0%
Web Design & Development0%
Content Management & Updates0%
Graphic Design for Media0%
A breakdown of cost

Example Project

We don’t have a menu of prices, each project is different and we judge them all individually. It’s simply based on how much of our time we think the client is going to need. However, to give you an idea of a typical project we’ve broken down one of our recent agreements.

There’s generally no up-front cost unless the client has very specific, bespoke requirements for which we need to engage our developers. As every new project is heavily front-loaded with lots of work in the first couple of months, we ask for a 12 month commitment. Beyond that you are free to leave as you wish, that said, we offer so much security and value that we simply do not lose clients.


We take all the hassle away from our clients. Completely managed hosting using the very highest quality UK Fast Web Servers and Microsoft Exchange Email Servers.

£35 per month


As part of our ongoing support & creativity, we design and build your website at the start of the project, and then continue to maintain and update it.

£90 per month


It is so important that your brand image is carried throughout your entire business. We design & produce print media from brochures to staff uniforms.

£50 per month


Good photography is absolutely critical to the success of a project. We give our clients seriously good rates – most charge £60 per hour or more.

£40 per hour


State of the art, mobile responsive, fully supported and fully customisable eCommerce platform complete with multiple payment gateways.

£90 per month


For highly bespoke projects and custom technology we engage our code developers, usually this isn’t needed but its good to know its there.

£40 per hour